Colorful iGame GTX 1070 Graphics card review

HTB1xOfHPVXXXXcpapXXq6xXFXXXBIf ASUS has a Republic of Gamer (ROG), Gigabyte with AORUS and MSI with GAMING as a leading line to attract enthusiasts and gamers, the Chinese manufacturer Colorful has iGame that offers pc hardware that supports gamers’ performance. One of the latest products comes from the line of graphics cards, namely iGame GTX 1070 X-TOP-8G Advance Limited Edition.

Carrying the name of the Limited Edition, most likely this graphics card will be produced limited by Colorful iGame. We also feel lucky because this limited-produced graphics card comes to the Lab. Our tests. Want to know what kind of performance of this graphics card based on GeForce GTX 1070? Before we have served the initial impression of this graphic card through article preview. In this article let us serve a full review of this graphic card, and following our complete test results!

Like other NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics cards, this graphics card is also based on Pascal Pascal GP10 GP104 GPU chip. Armed with 1,920 CUDA cores and 8GB GDDR5 memory speed 8000 MHz. Coming with two modes of use, Turbo and Normal, this graphic card has a higher base clock speed than the GTX 1070 Founders Edition in its Turbo mode which has a speed of 1,683 MHz. The increase also makes the boost clock increased to 1.860 MHz. Interestingly, the Turbo Boost recorded graphic card can reach the number 1987 MHz when we use the test. While in Normal mode you will get the clock speed according to NVIDIA reference, which is in the number 1506 MHz with Turbo Boost reaching 1683 MHz. too bad the price is expensive so i recommended you. For the speed of its GDRR5 memory, there is no change at all between the two usage modes that Colorful is running on. More curious about the performance of this graphic card?

Known as one of the leading PC hardware manufacturers in the country of China, the graphic card packaging design is very thick with Chinese aroma. A lot of Chinese writing on the front and back. Packaging is like a lot of packaging products graphic card is currently thick with black shades. Unfortunately you are not much information you can get on the back of the sales package.

if you look at the comparison of the normal specifications and turbo, the power consumption of the graphics card is quite impressive considering the normal mode in this graphic card has a setting similar to the version of Founders Edition and Turbo mode that has a high specification.

New graphics card made by Colorful this can be regarded as one of the best choice in the ranks of GTX 1070 graphics card. Indeed, in terms of performance is still can compete premises-based graphics card GTX 1080. But the presence of two modes of use provide a more flexible option to users, who where if it requires high performance the user can switch it to Turbo mode and if only requires the use of casual can use Normal mode. Unfortunately, to switch you still need to restart your system to get the Colorful provided settings.

In terms of performance, this graphic card is very reliable to bulldoze AAA games in Full-HD resolution. Even if it refers to the graphic test results you will still get a comfortable average frame rate when playing with 2K resolution. To get better performance we suggest you to use Turbo mode where in the test results almost always record a better performance than the normal mode. Maybe all we complain about is the iGame-Zone app which is still less user friendly when we try to use it.

For design, the selection of Silver Shark heatsink is still enough on the cooling system can make it appear more handsome and cool. Interestingly this cooling system is not just to spoil the eye only. This is evident with this cooling system capable of presenting a good working temperature. Under full-load conditions in both usage modes, this graphics card sets the working temperature below 70 ° C with a fan of only 49%, which means that the temperature is achieved with a fan speed of less than half of its ability. Unfortunately, this cooling system is still not able to handle the idle temperature of this graphic card, where the graphic card is recorded temperatures close to 50 ° C.

One more interesting from this graphic card is its power consumption. Although both modes of use have a specification that is quite different, but the difference in power consumption is recorded both these modes are not too far away. We think for you who use a power supply capacity 500-600 Watt still safe using this graphic card in Turbo mode. But with a note you are using Power Supply is excellent.

Overall, you who crave a graphics card capable of handling AAA games, Colorful iGame GTX 1070 X-Top-8G Advance Limited is a graphics card you should consider. With this graphics card you can bulldoze the games “AAA” with the right setter setting in Full-HD resolution. Although still less comfortable to use at level 4K, we think this graphic card can bulldoze AAA games at level 2K well without fear of your game experience is disturbed. You also do not have to fear the consumption of power, because our system that uses the graphics card is able to work with power consumption of about 300 Watt despite coming with a fairly high Pre-Overclock specifications.


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